Behind OUR Eyes


Behind OUR Eyes

Behind OUR Eyes is an Anthology where we will be accepting written and small visual pieces from creators all over the city of Winnipeg. The goal is to have a book filled with written and visual pieces relating to mental health, tragedy, loss, personal struggles and of course, overcoming these challenges. 

The writer has the choice of making their personal submission named or anonymous. A copyright release form must be signed by a parent/guardian 18 years of age or over. 

Stay tuned, once we have received enough submissions we will be holding a reading in the park event. We will have music, food, activities, and of course, a book reading. 

Proceeds from book sales will go towards future awareness events and to a selected non-profit organization.

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The unspoken reality

Video Submissions


Would you like to step outside of your comfort zone?​

Try something new and tell your story in a short 3-5 minute video filmed by us.​

We want to know what habits or coping mechanisms you use when going through a hard time with mental health or personal struggles!

Everyone is different when it comes to overcoming mental battles, not every person will benefit, but at least one person will find the advice useful. Our hope is to be able to create a new resource for like minded individuals from every day people. 

Will you be the next Unspoken Reality?